Systems Maintenance & Support

Application and database support and maintenance of the right calibre at the right time and at the right cost is a critical component of a successful business environment. Vantix Systems has it.

Typically, support has been viewed as a fixed overhead and a necessary but expensive proposition. Efforts by North American business to reduce such costs have seen the export of support services to locations as far away as India. This strategy is not without its drawbacks and is there a better way? At Vantix we believe that there is.

There have been a number of developments that permit the use of a new model for service delivery such as the establishment of low cost reliable broadband telecommunications vehicles and the increasing availability and use of web based tools. These developments married to a willingness by the service provider to customize each Service Level Agreement to:

  • Reflect only those services needed,
  • Amend the frequency of that need,
  • Provide the ability to alter the mix of services,
  • Provide for flexibility in the terms and length of the contract

This makes the Vantix model very attractive to a North American audience. There are none of the issues associated with off-shore support models such as time zones, cultures, language, legal differences, qualifications of staff, and the inability to provide on-site support very quickly.

The Vantix, support model is cost effective backed up by skilled resources and contemplates a partnering with our clients allowing them to focus their resources on what they do best which is business.