Usability Testing & Accessibility Assessments

Usability is the measure of a product’s potential to accomplish the goals of the user. In information technology, the term is often used in relation to software applications and websites. Some factors used in determining product usability are ease-of-use, visual consistency, ease of maintenance and a clear, defined process for evolution.

Accessibility is about designing for everybody, regardless of their physical or cognitive capabilities. Not only do many organizations have legal responsibilities to ensure that their information and services are accessible, it also makes good business sense to ensure that all current and potential customers can access your site.

Usability and accessibility testing is appropriate at all stages of a web development.

Benefits of Usability and Accessibility Testing

  • Provides a thorough analysis of a website’s usability strengths and weaknesses
  • Offers specific recommendations on how to enhance and increase usability and accessibility
  • Allows comparisons with competitor’s sites
  • Is cost effective and relatively quick to implement

The usability website evaluation can be carried out in conjunction with web accessibility evaluation.

Evaluation Report

The evaluation report highlights any concerns with the site, drawing attention to areas where we may reasonably anticipate site visitors to experience uncertainty.

The evaluation report and methodology also identifies the positive usability aspects of the site. The report is written in clear language and contains a number of screenshots from the site as illustrations of these positive aspects.

Presentation of the Evaluation

Once the evaluation report is completed, Vantix will make a short presentation of the main findings of the report to you. This executive summary is an ideal opportunity for the web development team and any stakeholders to learn, ask questions and provide further input regarding the website and its usability.

Methodology for the Evaluation

The expert usability website evaluation is a comprehensive usability framework for any website and specifically addresses the following four focus areas:

  • Navigation and site architecture
  • Download speed
  • Ease of information retrieval
  • User restrictions

Several accessibility protocols are assessed to determine if the site will meet government set guidelines detailed in Section 508 of the U.S. Rehabilitation Act, as well as in the Electronic and Information Technology Accessibility Standards.

In addition to on-page checks we conduct cognitive walk-throughs, whereby we act out common tasks and evaluate how well the website supports these tasks.

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